Holistic Health Coaching

Dreamweaver Wellness is not just a yoga studio, it’s also a holistic health coaching practice, and a space to dream, grow and evolve. A place to transmute pain into love and transform old patterns that no longer serve you into your wildest, most Authentic expression of your Free, Sovereign Self!  Weaving together modalities addressing the Mind+Body+Soul, you’ll find the support you need to sustainably make the changes you desire.

What Is Health Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Explore symptoms, root causes, modalities and the solutions available to you, empowering you to choose the most aligned framework to facilitate your growth.

Working with Lacy is a multidimensional coaching experience supporting health conscious, growth-oriented individuals in implementing sustainable shifts in long held patterns based on their values, priorities and dreams.

Would you like individual support on your path to wellness?

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Lacy Mink can guide you on your wellness journey. Lacy aspires to walk with you through the fire of your own transformation process, as someone who has walked through her own, and continues on the path of her own evolution. Lacy is a partner, a coach, an unwavering friend, who serves as a  catalyst and a guide in your own unique process.

Are you looking for sustainable ways to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

1:1 sessions with Lacy will address each dimension of your health and guide you to holistic, bio-individual solutions. Taking into consideration the bio-individuality of  coach, client, and the unique coaching relationship, we’ll co-create a process addressing each dimension of health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) guiding you to holistic, bio-individual solutions.

Are you interested in increasing your bodily and emotional awareness?
Go beyond behavioral changes and mindset work and reach into the innermost dimensions of your heart. Holistic Health Coaching is an integrated approach incorporating somatic practices, and a focus on embodiment and felt perception.

Helping You Achieve Your Version of Success

Unlock Your Full Potential.
Say Hello to THE NEW YOU


“I’ve needed this coaching program for a long time, and don’t want it to end. You’ve been very helpful to me, knowing that you’re there is everything… what I’ve learned on this
journey is that I’m not used to people being there. There’s nobody like you, there’s a softness and a fierceness about you at the same time. You have very good energy, maybe it’s all you’ve experienced that brings you this, to have what you have.”
-Marie H., Conway SC

“This work resonates with me because it IS me, it IS us, and being able to have these things come to mind throughout the day when I’m having thoughts or experiences, is recognition and proof that they’re becoming ingrained, and I expect that to continue. I’m going to be intentional about that continuing and revisiting some of our module material and the journal entries that I’ve made. Continuing to work on my self growth is the foundation of everything else, because with every ounce of growth that happens along these lines, so many other doors and windows are opening, which may be sometimes more questions to ask or more holes to dig, but I think it’s the process of doing that that’s so important. And it’s a choice and I am choosing to carry this work forward.”
– Diana F., Williamstown VT