About us

Our mission is to support you in realizing your dreams by shifting self sabotaging patterns of behavior, into authentic wholeness, nourishment, and empowerment. It is time to disrupt intergenerational cycles of trauma, and remember your innate ability to heal and transform. We change our inner worlds, in order to make change in our outer world.

Lacy Mink

Lacy is a wife and mother of two, a Buti® Yoga Instructor, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and creator of Dreamweaver Wellness. Lacy teaches gentle yoga and Buti yoga, a beat-based, energizing combination of cardio dance, primal movement, and Vinyasa flow. Expect something unique every class, with new music playlists to guide her creative expression through intuitively led movement, clearing away stuck energy and revitalizing the Body+Mind+Soul.

Lacy is calling in her “Buti-Fam”, a collective of individuals who desire to feel happy and confident in their own skin NOW. If you believe the cure to heal and transform yourself comes from within, then Lacy looks forward to moving and thriving in community with YOU! Join us for an opportunity to look within to find your power, access more wellness, more confidence, and feel empowered to fully accept your authentic self, just as you are.

Lacy also offers holistic health coaching, supporting growth oriented individuals in implementing sustainable shifts based on their values, priorities and dreams. Available as one-on-one coaching sessions or packages, for those desiring improved health, and positive behavior change.

Meet the Team


Meghan Ksiazek

Meghan received her 200 HR YTT Vinyasa at Frog Lotus International and 100 HR TEP at Laughing River Yoga. She’s
continued her education with Sadie Nardini, Simon Park, Nevine Michaan, and many more.

“My life would not be the same if I couldn’t share yoga with others. My students are my greatest teachers and while I have studied under many amazing teachers, my students continue to be the inspiration and rewards for my practice. I have been teaching since 2008 and have taught Vinyasa, Hatha, Pre-natal, Mommy and Me, Kid’s and Restorative Yoga. Each type of yoga I have experienced opens more eyes for me to see with. May yoga fill your life with love and light as it has mine.”





Cheryl Small

Cheryl discovered yoga in 1997 and couldn’t believe what a profound effect it had on her life. Yoga has sustained and nourished her through life’s greatest challenges since then, and she remains in gratitude for her practice. Cheryl attended the Bikram Yoga School of India in 2010 and received her certificate in Hatha Yoga at Laughing River Yoga in 2013. She continued her training at Yoga Vermont studying Ashtanga yoga, and will remain a forever student. Cheryl teaches classes from her heart and keeps them fun and inspiring. She always encourages her students to receive themselves exactly as they are in every moment. She looks forward to sharing, learning, and growing in this beautiful yoga community.

Andy Mink

Andy is a practitioner of the 26 + 2 Bikram Series, and he welcomes newcomers to approach hot yoga as a moving mediation, with self compassion, acceptance, and patience. Progress comes with time and dedication to the practice.





Kristen Rose

Inspired by nature, Kristen offers outdoor yoga classes to share the healing and wholeness that nature brings. In the summer, find her doing yoga on the beach at Lake Elmore, and in the fall on local hiking trails. As a working Ecologist, and family herbalist, Kristen can share knowledge on habitats and herbal medicines that we discover during our outdoor adventures. Kristen is a certified yoga instructor by Yoga Vermont. Although trained in traditional Ashtanga yoga, Kristen has offered a wide variety of class types over the past 20 years she has been teaching and learning.

Eleanor Kinsey

Eleanor Kinsey, founder of Dive Intuit and a devoted personal trainer since 2015, combines her passion for fitness with a deep expertise in personal transformation. Inspired from childhood by her fitness-enthusiast parents, she focuses on teaching full-body, functional movement with an emphasis on physical and mental awareness and community enjoyment.

Eleanor’s skills extend beyond fitness, encompassing Hypnotherapy, Psychedelic Preparation and Integration Coaching, Core Energy Coaching, and various energy and bodywork modalities. She excels in guiding clients through their psyche, fostering healing, and catalyzing profound change. Her approach is rooted in the belief in our inherent ability to heal and find wholeness through mind-body synergy.
Living in South Albany with her husband, Dylan, Eleanor is committed to inspiring holistic well-being, helping her clients and students discover their inner strength and purpose.

Susan Mazer

Susan lives in Waterbury, Vermont and is a proud mother to three adult children and a loving grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren. After relocating to Crested Butte, Colorado from Vermont in 1995, she was introduced to lyengar Yoga and has been practicing yoga consistently since then.

While living in Colorado, she returned to school after many years to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She soon discovered that there were no yoga classes offered locally. Susan offered to teach a yoga class on campus and was told she could as long as she provided mats and props. She agreed and convinced her professor to give her a credit toward her degree! She continued teaching yoga, in addition to her work as a Mental Health Counselor, until she semi-retired and returned to Vermont in 2012.

Susan cannot imagine her life without a yoga practice and looks forward to introducing the many benefits of yoga to both the Young and the Young at Heart!

“Unless Freedom is gained in the Body, Freedom of the Mind is not possible.” B.K.S Iyengar